$8,267 for Mosquito Nets, Wahoo!!

Saturday May 6th we held a party at World Concern HQ to celebrate Baron's birthday and raise money for mosquito nets. Our good friend Julie helped organize a silent auction, we had games for the kids (there are lots of kids!) and everyone had a chance to snack, chat and give. 

Another good friend Mindy Lee talked about her experience working with World Concern, the work they are doing is inspiring. We had a raise the paddle where folks generously gave and the sweetest part was the kids waiting for the amount to get to $2 so they could raise their paddle (actually a fly swatter!) and give. I didn't take a lot of photos as I was a little preoccupied running and around a chatting with friends. What an amazing event to celebrate and help others. Thank you to all of you who supported this cause writing encouragement and donating money. What an amazing experience. Very proud of our son Baron and our community of friends for thinking of others. And Thank you to World Concern for the work you do around the world and making it possible for a kid to realize a dream of helping others. Our hearts are full. - Gabe & Ash

We hit our initial goal!

You guys did it. Your generosity will help provide more than 2,000 nets to families in need. How amazing. We have less than one week until Baron's birthday (May 4th) and we've updated the site with our stretch goal which is 5,000 nets. We're hopeful that with the upcoming auction at World Concern headquarters, we can reach our stretch goal. Again, how amazing! Thank you so much. ---Dad

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Updated Giving

Just a note to say that when we first launched this page we were using a Classy.org page for donations. We've updated to using a Classy.org page that is connect directly to World Concern which is great. We're in the process of getting all the donations listed on the new page. We have a lot of generous gifts that will be showing up on the donations page soon! - Dad

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It's March

We can't believe it's already March. Two months until Baron's birthday (March 4th). In the past month Baron had a visit with a mosquito scientist and we've been talking with World Concern about the donations page. Trying to get it so that donations are run through them and tax deductible. I'll let Baron tell you about the scientist visit and we'll update the donation page when we get everything squared away. In the meantime, we're planning a fundraiser event and will post details when we have them. Baron is writing a few thank you cards each day, they're slowly rolling out. Thank you! - Dad & Baron

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Under the Weather

Baron has been under the weather for the past few days :( But we're very excited to share with him all the generous donations that have come in recently, thank you so very much. He's going to be so very excited. - Dad

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One Dollar One Net, One Net One Life

We have come up with a slogan! "One Dollar One Net, One Net One Life." That is our slogan because it is so true. A mosquito net can save lives. Also, it is conveniently, one dollar.  - Baron

After hearing how much a net costs to provide and meeting with the team at World Concern we're happy to have set a new goal. Baron initially wanted to raise enough money to provide 100 nets but we've already blown past that goal and are well on our way to reaching our new goal of providing 2,000 nets for those in need by Baron's birthday in May. We're really excited to kick this project off and help people! #sharethegood - Dad

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Meeting with World Concern President
 World Concern President Jacinta Tegman, with my brother Roman and me (Baron) meeting at the World Concern HQ in Seattle. 

World Concern President Jacinta Tegman, with my brother Roman and me (Baron) meeting at the World Concern HQ in Seattle. 

I recently met up with Mikki and Jacinta (President) at World Concern. Together we talked about how we can save lives by simply buying mosquito nets. We also talked about future fundraisers and other events which I'm really excited to start planning. Check back for more information on our upcoming dates for a jogathon and our big FUNdraiser party (we brainstormed ideas such as an auction, bake-off, photobooth and more)! -Baron

Matching Grant

We have been talking with the nice folks at World Concern and we found out that the cost of a mosquito net is actually a lot less than we thought originally. The cost for one "family" is typically $12 (this would cover about four beds).  So the price is $3 per net. The extremely good news is that there is a matching grant that will triple donations! This takes the cost down to only $1 per net! We have already gotten some really generous donations so we are rethinking our goal which will be announced soon. - Baron

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sponsored by... and new product

The Wooly Mammoth (operated by my brother Roman), finger knitting store is sponsoring The Little Renaissance by giving %10 of what they earn to the mosquito net fundraiser. The Little Renaissance has ordered 15 finger knit strands; five charocoal print, five linen, and five mustard. They are each $0.25. You can buy them shortly:]

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first fundraiser

Roman, Ivy and I and our friends, Ryan and Alexis, had an impromptu evening of skits that we performed for our parents. We were able to raise $6.56 for the mosquito nets. This is the first of many fundraisers.

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